The main aim of the SAP MM (also often called SAP Supply Chain Management- Procurement) is to provide students with a complete knowledge of Warehouse & Stock Management & Procurement Supply Chain Method implementation using SAP ERP. Project Management & some background of the SAP Transportation Method is also part of this training module. The course will be completed within stipulated time and assessments will be carried out online.

42 hours


Our training format for SAP ABAP is customized to provide the companies an optimal solution for application based business process management. The tactfully designed course content gives you brief introduction to SAP Systems overview, data dictionary, ABAP editors, calculations, debugging, database and data types. It also introduces you to logical expressions, program flow control and building user selection screens.

45 hours


SAP sales and distribution is especially for managing and monitoring data in business process of selling, shipping and billing. Our module trains you in various aspects of SAP SD like creating customer master and material data, overview of sales activities, sales documents, material exclusion and inclusion along with corporate specific real project, interview and query sessions.

32 hours


Production Planning (PP) is used in many industries and applied in planning strategies like market-oriented planning and sales order-oriented planning. This module deals with master data, capacity planning, planning process and planned orders of the products. SAP PP training explains the fundamentals to implement all planning strategies. The course will be completed within the mentioned time and assessments will be carried out online.

30 hours


This tactfully designed course content introduces you to employee administration, time management, organizational management, taxation and payroll. It also covers recruitment, career management, enterprise learning, EPM and compensation management. Entire course will be completed and assessment will be carried out online and on time

30 hours


The SAP PS tool is basically designed to manage large projects, orders, plant shutdown, third party billing and track project milestone, cost and resources. Our top notch trainers have designed the training curriculum in a way to cover all the essential parts of PS tools and concepts. You will get perfectly trained in performing work breakdown structure, defining network, tracking business metrics, and tight integration to controlling, HR and logistic modules by SAP PS.

45 hours


SAP QM is one of the integrated parts of the SAP ERP system. The course content gives you exposure to overview of QM, QM Tables/Tcode, QA in logistics, QM in production, QM Inventory posting and Source inspection. Entire course will be delivered and assessments will be carried out online and on time to successfully complete the course.

35 hours


SAP PLM provides a 360 degrees support to all the functions of product life cycle and its collection of solutions allow the users to create, maintain the product information and make it available to the rest of the organization throughout its lifecycle. The course will cover basics of SAP PLM, Data Customization, Engineering change management, Release and planning process, ECM configuration, Document management, IPPE and Cfolders. The course will be completed within stipulated time and assessments will be carried out online.

35 hours


SAP MDM online training is aimed at providing in-depth knowledge about data management in centralized architecture both to beginners and experienced IT professionals as well. The training is designed keeping in mind the industry requirements and the skills possessed by the enrollees.

30 hours


This course explains the concepts of EHS, industrial hygiene and safety, waste management and services, occupational health and product safety, patient management. It also covers the concepts of medical, nursing, diagnosis and IS-H reports. Entire course will be delivered and assessment will be carried out online.

30 hours


SAP EPD helps to develop portal and understand how the portal will look to an end user. The course content includes End User Perspective, Portal Platform Content, Knowledge Management and Collaboration etc. The SAP EPD enables one to fully customize portal using flexible tool and custom services. The portal supports all the modern web standards including AJAX, JAVA IPS, etc.

35 hours


The course provides the knowledge of core functions for the technical infrastructure of business solutions. SAP BI (Business Intelligence) is data warehousing and reporting tool. It helps collect and convert raw data into information and insights that help improve business efficiency. The course starts with basic introduction and covers live examples and case studies after each module.

35 hours


SAP HANA accelerates business process and simplifies IT environment by delivering Business Intelligence solutions. The continual innovations led by SAP to enhance the potentialities of HANA has resulted in the release of SAP HANA 2.0 on November 30, 2016. SAP HANA 2.0 is the ultimate for reinforcing digital transformation in leading companies that implements the latest in-memory technology to execute their business. Our training is completely focused on core concepts of SAP HANA 2.0 and its real-time analytic applications

35 hours


The interactive sessions on Retail and Site master data, purchasing data and sales order management will be provided followed by SAP retail store connectivity and real time projects.

40 hours


SAP FCSM online training is aimed at providing in-depth knowledge about financial management integrated technology. The training will enable the participants to process and manage financial data in an organized manner, and present it in an effective yet easy-to-understand manner. The training covers the overview of SAP integration with business workflow, SAP biller direct, SAP collection management, FIN-FCSM-COL configuration, SAP credit and dispute management and many others subfields of SAP FCSM along with certification guide and job guidance sessions.

35 hours


Our institute is a multi-faceted services organization that provides business consulting and adopts an empirical approach in IT training. This industrial specific SAP module introduces you to enterprise structure, personnel structure and organizational management by real time experts along with real time case studies for better understanding.

40 hours


SAP for utilities is basically designed to cater the needs of meter management, billing, accounting and reporting in complex business process. Our 40 hours of training includes business process in SAP, Data and Device management, energy and real time pricing, we tend to cover every dimension that prepares you to begin anything with SAP utilities.

40 hours


The course starts with basic introduction on the subjects and has practical tests after each module. The course helps to analyze and optimize performance, resources and inventories in an organization. The multiple components such as There are Integrated Sales and Operations Planning, Supply Chain Analytics, Transportation Management, etc. are also covered in this course

45 - 50 hours


The course undertakes highly interactive sessions with students with extensive real time scenarios. The course provides the essential skills and data for developers. The Functional aspects of SAP BPC like Planning, Budgeting, Analyzing, etc. are covered for better understanding of SAP BPC.

60 hours


SAP SRM examines and forecasts purchasing behavior. It helps to shorten the procurement cycles. The efficient process in SAP SRM helps to cut down supplier expenses and enables smooth work cycles intensively.

30 hours


This course explains the concepts of XI/PI, SLD (System landscape), Integration Repository, Integration Directory, ccBPM, Proxies. It also covers SAP Netweaver and SAP file integration using Java Applications. Entire course will be delivered and assessment will be carried out online and on time to successfully complete the course.

35 hours

SAP Security

The course content gives you introduction to SAP, SAP GUI, SAP Security, SAP landscape, concept of client, SAP DNA andkey security transactions. It also introduces you to objects, SAP user types, SAP administration, central user administration (CUA), SAP audit support, upgradation, User traces and SAP baseline processes.

35 hours


This course explains the concepts of PI proxy development and introduces you to basics of PI, BPM, XI/PI proxy development, PI operations, administration tools and PI mapping. It also covers SAP Netweaver and SAP file integration using Java Applications.

30 hours

Sap IS Oil and Gas

Our training format for SAP Oil and Gas is tailored to meet specific requirements of companies active in petroleum industry. The precisely designed course content gives you brief introduction to downstream, retailing and production, thereafter covering master data settings, oil and gas upstream, production and revenue accounting overview, joint venture accounting and CAD integration settings.

35 hours


SAP ABAP is an advanced organization tool that helps HRs to effectively retrieve, manage and monitor their employees’ data through infotypes, project, structural authorization along with time management and reporting solutions. The course module is designed to get you familiar with all human resource essentials, exposing to HR functionality, logical database, macros, reporting modules and creation of infotypes and SAP query.

30 hours


Our 35 hours of training is very well planned and streamlined. The course includes SAP architecture and application, end-to-end data warehousing, SAP BW modeling, Functionality of data store object and other fields that are essential to make you well trained in SAP BW. Separate interview, query and certification session is also covered in training format.

35 hours


The course provides the knowledge of all aspects of SAP GRC VISRA. The curriculum starts with providing information about SAP GRC integration and move forward with explaining role of four important tools in VISRA i.e., Virsa Access Enforcer, Virsa Compliance Calibrator, Virsa Role Expert, Virsa Firefighter.

40 -50 hours


SAP EP is a web based application gaining fast popularity in organizations globally. The curriculum is designed by domain experts and helps students get proper knowledge of the subject.EP revolves around the user, presenting them with an environment created exclusively for collating data from various sources on one platform.

35 hours


The main objective of SAP EP JAVA WebDynpro is to create and implement a UI using views and windows and develop a Basic WebDynpro application that interacts with a business backend system via ABAP Function Modules. The course covers object oriented ABAP, overview of Web Dynpro, Webdynpro view, Controller components and Webdynpro applications. It also demonstrates Webdynpro Trace tools in ABAP workbench and abstract UI interface elements. Entire course will be delivered and assessment will be carried out online and on time to successfully complete the course.

35 hours


SAP APO is module of the SAP business suite that along with SAP ICH and SAP EM creates the SAP ECM solution. We will be covering the concepts of Demand Planning, Supply Network Planning, ICF, Global Available-to-Promise, Production Planning and Detail Scheduling. The course will be completed within mentioned time and assessments will be carried out online.

35 hours


This thoughtfully designed course content gives you brief introduction to Netweaver installation and administration, users, roles, portal content, portal content directory (PCD), iViews and pages worksets. It also introduces you to delta-links, portal apps and PRT definition and PAR file format deployment descriptor, portal API, HTML DynPage model events, working with DB connectors, major roles in SAP EP, EP versions and configuring EP gateway to connect to SAP.

30 hours


The course content introduces you to ERP, SAP products overview, SAP BASIS, client concept in SAP, technical architecture f SAP, SAP ICM and web dispatchers. It also covers SAP dialog process, operation modes, license management, user administration, data archiving, printing and spooling in SAP.

42 hours

Big Data And Hadoop

Hadoop is the most important framework for working with Big Data in a distributed environment. Hadoop Administrators maintains and troubleshoot Hadoop clusters in production/development environments. By attending this training, trainees will learn about Hadoop cluster including planning, deployment, monitoring, performance tuning, security using Kerberos, HDFS high availability and Hcatalog/Hive administration. This course covers the fundamental concepts of Apache Hadoop and Apache Cluster.

32 hours

Biztalk Server

Microsoft BizTalk Server (or simply "BizTalk") is an Inter-Organizational Middleware System (IOMS) [3] that enables companies to automate business processes, through the use of adapters which are tailored to communicate with different software systems used in an enterprise.

40 hours

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Online Training

Microsoft Exchange Server is a mail server and calendaring server developed by Microsoft. It runs exclusively on Windows Server operating systems. The first version of Exchange Server to be published by Microsoft was Exchange Server 4.0.

42 hours

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Online Training

You will learn the installation, configuration, and maintenance of Exchange Server 2007 environments and advanced features like disaster recovery and integrating SharePoint. Topics covered in this course are Introduction to Exchange 2007, Pre-Installation Preparation, Installation Overview, Exchange Management Console, Exchange Management Shell, Shell Usage, Aliases, set mailbox command, pipelining, modifying multiple mailboxes with the shell and Exchange 2007 database.

30 hours

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Online Training

This online training course helps a student learn the inside and outside of Microsoft Exchange. This is a messaging platform that runs on Windows Server and provides email, scheduling and customized collaboration tools and messaging service applications. This course will assist student to simplify administration, protect communications and fulfills user demand to achieve enhanced business mobility. This training course also prepares a learner for certification on Microsoft Exchange

35 hours

Microsoft Office Sharepoint 2007 Online Training

This training course is designed to learn about the services offered by Microsoft Office Sharepoint 2007 in detail. It will teach you the essentials of working with Microsoft Office Sharepoint 2007 2007. A detailed knowledge is provided on various topics that includes smart content management, publishing documents and collaborative projects online, creation and organization of websites, management of web content, controlling mechanism for security levels, understand simple and complex searches, creation and management of team sites, blogs and meeting workspaces.

12 hours

Microsoft Office SharePoint 2010 Online Training

The structure of this online training course comprises of three sections- text, videos and lab modules section. In this course students learn the desired skills and best practices to help organizations design and develop effective SharePoint applications. This course gives an in-depth understanding on modules such as ASP.NET Advanced Concepts for SharePoint such as Server Memory, Server CPU and Transfer and Client, Designing for User Experience, SharePoint Data Management, Designing Data Capture and Integration, Designing Artifacts, Designing Processing Solutions, Designing Packaging, Designing a Development Strategy, Developing Version and Deployment, Designing Information Architecture and Navigation, Designing Branding and Customization Support, Designing Security, Designing for Page and Data Access Performance and Designing a Testing Strategy.

15 hours

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Online Training

This course provides students with in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 product and an understanding of how to use the Transact-SQL language and explore the user interface. Students learning at this institute will also learn to implement and maintain databases by applying specific instructions and specifications. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 online training course curriculum equips the learner with thorough knowledge of topics such as Understanding and Implementing Security, Analyzing and Tuning Performance, Automating Administrative Tasks, Programming Replication, Disaster Recovery, Failover Clustering, Database Mirroring, Log Shipping, Peer-to-Peer Replication, Monitoring & Troubleshooting and Implementing Service Brokers

15 hours

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Online Training

Microsoft SQL Server training covers various aspects of Microsoft's premier database system SQL Server 2008 to suit the needs of all sizes of business. The learning process begins with the understanding of the core concepts such as installation, planning and building a first database. The accurate and authentic course content taught under this training comprises of the various aspects of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 that includes exploring the way Transact-SQL is used to retrieve, insert and update information and obtain an insight into the effective administration of databases. This online course also covers features such as SQL Server Reporting and Integration Services.

35 hours

PeopleSoft Functional Online Training

The training will initially begin with the fundamentals of the human resources role in an organization and an introduction to the various modules in the PeopleSoft HRMS. Every sub-module is discussed in detail. The organizational set-up, position management, work cycle management, pay roll, security, performance is discussed in a detailed manner to enable students integrate the business processes with PeopleSoft HRMS.

24 Hours

PeopleSoft Technical Online Training

The Training will initially begin with the fundamentals of the human resources role in an organization and then move to sub-modules like architecture of the HRMS in PeopleSoft, the development tools, the reporting and analysis tools, administration tools, integration tools and XML publishers. The training has periodic assignments involving creating of various architectures in the Peoplesoft HRMS and developing various tools to give hands-on training.

36 hours

Oracle Forms Online Training

This online training course provides learners with hands on experience on Oracle Reports that is a tool for the development of reports against data stored in the Oracle database. This course teaches Oracle Forms that is a software product that helps in creation of GUI screens that efficiently interacts with an Oracle database.

35 to 40 hours

Oracle DBA Online Training

Oracle DBA training provides an in-depth knowledge of the all the features of the Oracle database server which an object-relational database management system. This course explains the functioning of Oracle database server, architecture, management of Oracle database management system, networking, import and export, database backup, user management and recovery features. You are provided with better understanding of its concepts and practical application.

50 hours

SQL Server Online Training

This online course offers comprehensive training on SQL Server. The course contents are SQL Server Introduction & Installation, SQL Server Database Architecture, SQL Server Table Design, Normal Forms, Keys & Constraints, Views, Joins and Sub Queries, Indexes, Stored Procedures, Cursors and Joins with Procedures, Functions, Transactions in Procedures and Security Implementation.

40 hours

CCNA Online Training

The accurate and authentic course content taught under this training comprises of the various aspects of CCNA that include installation, management and support of IT networks and computer systems, implementation and maintenance of network hardware and software, troubleshooting network problems, network security assurance, routine standards and its availability.

40 hours

CCNP Online Training

CCNP course curriculum equips the learner with thorough knowledge of advanced R&S - routing and switching services for converged video, voice and data enterprise networks. This curriculum comprises of detailed study of R&S ROUTE, R&S SWITCH and R&S TSHOOT.

70 hours

Linux Online Training

This online course offers comprehensive training on Linux for developers and system administrators who wish to achieve excellence in Linux. The course contents are developing with GIT, Introduction to Linux, Open Source Development, and GIT, Linux Kernel Internals and Debugging, Developing Linux Device Drivers, Developing Applications for Linux, Embedded Linux Development, Optimizing Linux Device Drivers for Power Efficiency, etc.

36 hours