Here at KEYLINESOFT INC, we provide students with high quality online training programs, designed to help them achieve their employment goals. All courses are tailored to meet the needs of the individual, and our certified trainers don’t stop at simply teaching them what they need to know, they also go on to help students successfully and confidently, apply for exciting work opportunities with reputable companies.

Our courses keep up with the fast changing world of technology, and offer students the very best in training on program applications such as NET, JAVA/J2EE, BA, People Soft, Oracle Applications, DWH, Testing Tools, TIBCO and SQL Server to name but a few.

Wherever you are in the world, with our selection of customized and fully interactive online training programs, KEYLINESOFT have the right course for you. Our round the clock support and guidance means that we are there for you no matter what the time of day, and no matter how big or small the problem; your learning and employment objectives, are our top priority.

All training programs are fully interactive and customizable

We only employ the very best in resources and all of our training courses are interactive to enable users to get the best from their experience. All training programs can be customized, too, so that we can match them to meet your specific requirements.

Learn: Online sessions that are fully interactive along with practical training material and expertise from our certified trainers to help you learn as you go along, rather than simply committing information to memory.

Apply:Our trainers teach in a way that enables you to apply what you have learnt in the classroom, to actual situations in life.

Prepare: We don’t see our job as being simply to teach you the technical information; our aim is to help you use your newfound knowledge to prepare for job interviews, too

Get placed: With the knowledge that you’ll gain from our training sessions, you will feel confident in applying for jobs with the top multi-national corporations and other reputable employers.

Why should you choose KEYLINESOFT?

Interactive classes: We don’t just pair you up with a trainer irrespective of your needs and requirement levels, we ensure that you are matched with the very best trainer who can help guide you through the course with interactive support.

Highly experienced and certified trainers: Personalized training, as mentioned above, is offered to you from our selection of fully qualified, highly experienced and certified trainers.

Flexibility: Classes are designed to fit around your schedule; if you need to study over the weekend, then we make that possible with our flexible classes and support.

Full time support and guidance: Our trainers are employed to help you through every step of your course, and if you find yourself stuck or in need of clarity in the middle of the night, then give us a call; we’re here for you!

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